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About Us

Learn about us and what our mission is

Our Vision

Why do we exist?

Society effectively runs on software and reliance on technology is greater than ever. It is vital that business owners identify this and adapt accordingly.
Businesses are using things from fast websites to retain leads, all the way up to proprietary software to run their businesses several times more efficiently than their competitors.
People, possibly such as yourself, are running businesses utilising their amazing talent to make their customers' lives easier.
The issue is that their businesses will inevitably see their fate as more of their competitors increase software adoption. It is becoming exponentially crucial to utilise software in your business model on top of your amazing talent.
We like to keep it simple for you so there are two ways of going about this. You can either allow us to evaluate your situation and make recommendations (completely free) or tell us what speicifc services you are in need of.
We have unlimited potential with software - we cannot emphasise enough that even if your idea sounds unrealistic, we will aim to make it real.

Our Story

Learn more about ULN Group.

Starting as a not-for-profit organisation aiming to see what could be done with software and who it can help, we have since developed a team of amazing people who can do anything with code.

Thanks to the curiosity of our founder and his friends in the early days, we now have years of code and market data we use and develop every day to help our clients reach their maximum potential.

Commencing Trading
December 2015 - ULN Group, having been founded as a not-for-profit organisation, aimed to help individuals realise their ideas through software whether it was for fun or a business/side-hustle.
Our founder decided he wanted to see what was possible with software and what problems it could solve.
It wasn't long before our founder started getting friends and other interested individuals, who were and still are software engineers/enthusiasts, on board with the idea.
They all worked hard to collect as much knowledge and information as possible to serve their users and future clients.
In 2017, the team started to offer hosting both through bare metal and cloud shortly before starting to trade - finally offering services to the public. This was an interesting time as they saw that almost two years of code and other market data could be used to benefit their clients.
This year wasn't so eventful but there was great progress and growth that we were happy to see.
When 2019 came along, ULN Group was fortunate enough to collaborate with the team at Popularify Me.
This enabled us to provide our clients with professional marketing services and Popularify Me's clients with software their businesses need.
Today, these awesome bunch are still our official marketing partners. ♥
Well well well... nobody expects much progress in 2020.
In 2021, we had the pleasure of teaming up with Quantibyte and their amazing software engineers. We now share our pool of code and market data to better serve our clients.
They are also the reason we are able to easily serve clients in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.
Another year, another dollar.
And now we come to today. Since 2015 we have come a long way and have met a lot of great people. We are grateful for all the clients we are able to help on a daily basis including the years of code and market data we now possess to better serve people like you!
PS: Thanks for reading, we didn't expect you to make it this far.
Chill out, it's still April.
Come back once you've greeted Santa again. :)

Thanks for Reading!

We appreciate your interest in ULN Group - we are happy to tell you about where we came from and why we are here! If you're interested in discussing a new project with us, we're all ears - even if you're just brainstorming :)

Did we inspire you?

We're always looking for talent. Let us know if you've seen a job opening or you'd just like to present your skillset to see how you can fit in.

PS: We care about you, not where you reside :)