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Cloud / DevOps Solutions

Let's Keep it Simple

We know you only want a quick overview.

With the rise in usage of cloud computing, it is becoming increasingly important to take this route to reduce operating costs alongside your competitors.

Even large companies have struggled after refusing to adopt even just a little bit of cloud computing.

We understand that this industry is constantly evolving and that it can be hard to keep up, so we have engineers who are constantly engaged in the space.

What is cloud computing?
Cloud computing, in short, is using a large collection of servers instead of your own and paying only for what you use.
One of the greatest benefits of this is reduction in operating costs.
Is it secure/compliant?
Yes! Even the most data-sensitive organisations, such as banks and governments, utilise cloud because of the vast amount of compliance available.
Whatever your business model is, there will likely be a compliant way to operate it in the cloud.
Is it reliable?
Cloud service providers offer options for redundancy and scaling. You can have 100 copies of your website across the globe if you really wanted.
Most would argue that, although the hardware is not in your possession, it is far more reliable to host on the cloud.
How much will it cost?
The costs depend on your requirements but it is usually cheaper than using your own physical servers.
Some companies spend pennies per day, while we have seen others spend £250K+ per month.
Who uses cloud computing?
Pretty much every company that needs a server of some sort.
Apple, Netflix, Samsung, eBay and even a lot of governments. We use it too!

Still not sure?

We're happy to discuss what your business model is and if you should utilise cloud computing or not.