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ULN Group

Software Like Never Before

Our goal is to achieve yours.
"Capitalise on the inevitability of technology"

Unifying our diverse expertise in the technology industry, we will help transform your business into something your competitors fear.
Whether you just need a simple landing page or 100,000 lines of proprietary code, we will do it.

If it's anything that involves code, we're confident.
Projects Completed
Creative Ideas
Languages Used
Lines of Code

Our Services

We provide leading software solutions for businesses

Websites - Frontend

If you just need a fancy landing page for your customers to understand your business, this is all you'll need (along with some extras we'll include).

Software - Backend

This is what gives your idea life - the ability to make a program do whatever you desire. We won't stop until it's absolutely perfect.

Cloud / DevOps Solutions

Run a service for your customers? We will configure what is needed to provide you with a scalable, reliable and secure solution using the best providers.


Proudly partnered with Europe's most skilled marketers, we will ensure your business receives the growth and attention it deserves.

Brand Consultancy

Sometimes a brand is not what the public expect and this costs businesses a fortune. Let us start from scratch - a new name, logo and attitude towards business.

Business Optimisation Suite

Here we can combine other services to do anything you wish. Whether you're starting a new brick-and-mortar business or have an international e-commerce store which needs help, this is for you.

The Process

We like to keep it very simple for you. No need to choose a programming language, style or anything - our taste is included with all services :)

1. Discuss

2. Develop

3. Result

Blurry image of Ruby on Rails code in an IDE on a laptop
Several people sitting at a table with laptops, books and drinks, two people shaking hands across the table
Some printed charts and market trading details with a magnifying glass on top, and a MacBook Air trackpad visible on top

Why choose us?

01. We are passionate about software.
All of our team members have an interesting past with software. For example, our CTO started coding when he was 9 years old!
02. We care... really.
You get your very own project manager with engineers who will treat your project as their own. No bug will defeat us.
03. We are responsible.
Not only do we ensure your software comes to you as intended, but we offer virtually unlimited support options.

Don't just take our word for it.

"Hard-working, consistent, and result-oriented."

— Malek, Malek Joinery.

"You helped boost our confidence in the world of tech thanks!"

— Rufat, AR Networking.

"When working in a 24/7 environment, the relief it brings us knowing you have our back in any emergency is inexplicable"

— Adam, Devster Hosting.

"Great helping hand :)"

— Michael, Empowered Asperger's.

Our Partners

We couln't do it without them ♥


Helping us serve clients across Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Sharing expertise with Quantibyte has helped both of us come a long way.

Popularify Me

Kindly expanding their marketing beyond just online stores for our lovely clients.

Thanks to them, your business can properly reach the audiences it needs to.


We're always available to take on new projects

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Want to become a part of us?

We're always looking for talent. Let us know if you've seen a job opening or you'd just like to present your skillset to see how you can fit in.

PS: We care about you, not where you reside :)