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Our work is second to none - have a look for yourself

Quantix Trading Bot

Codenamed "Quantix", this trading bot was made using C# and .NET libraries, not to mention the tens of thousands of lines of C we were asked to write. Yes, I know - C... really?!

We wish we could show you the code and the amazing client but sadly we can only show you this generic image :(


Yes, that's right! We made their website, and they even made some parts of ours.

Our partnership is truly awesome!

Devster Hosting

Their platform, which we ran for them on bare metal, AWS and GCP servers, offered a variety of game servers hosting services with affordable and easily scalable options.

This was certainly one of the most ironic DevOps-related projects we've had.

Malek Joinery

This credible joinery in East London, UK came to us to refresh their website which had not been updated in over a decade!

We will continue to ensure their site never gets rusty.

London Oak Joinery

Although we no longer work with them, it was a pleasure to work with London Oak Joinery shortly after they started trading and serve them with a website to increase their organic leads and propel them into the industry.

We are happy to have helped :)