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Our Services

We provide leading software solutions for businesses

An Apple MacBook displaying a website made using frontend code through an Apple Thunderbolt Display
Websites - Frontend
This is usually a website made from HTML, CSS and, sometimes, Javascript and PHP. We also include things such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to ensure your site reaches the right people.
A blurry MacBook with multiple development applications open and glasses sitting on the trackpad which unblur through the lenses
Software - Backend
This is where the magic happens. Anything you desire, we can make using the dozens of programming languages we work with. Public-facing service? No problem, we can integrate with your frontend.
Clouds in the sky with a blue DevOps infinity symbol on top
Cloud / DevOps Solutions
Scalable, reliable and secure, this is what we offer if you have a large service you need to run such as an online gaming platform.
A person holding an iPad Mini with the calendar open and a MacBook on the table showing generic statistical data
If you want your business to gain the right attention, this is the one for you. Organic leads, advertising, cold outreach - any marketing princple in existence, we are capable of.
A pencil and a pair of compasses on top of a sketch
Brand Consultancy
People are quick to judge a book by its cover which is why it is crucial to make your business appealing. Even something as simple as a pretty logo can make all the difference.
A variety of people sitting at a table with devices and notepads working on something business-related
Business Optimisation Suite
Have a new business or just want to expand further? We will combine any of the aforementioned services as necessary to give you the growth you need.

The Process

We like to keep it very simple for you. No need to choose a programming language, style or anything - our taste is included with all services :)

1. Discuss

2. Develop

3. Result

Why choose us?

We understand business can be hard sometimes and choosing what's right for you can be harder. That's why we like to simplify things as much as possible to leave you room to work on other things.

Unless you want, we won't ask you about the path you want to take - just the results you want.

Although the process is simple by default, we have the flexibility to be as complex as you wish - you can even give us your own code and ask us to fix, integrate or refactor it. Our goal is to achieve yours :)

The process
Our process is very simple. You tell us what your goal is and we will try our very best to help you achieve it.
Read below for more information.
01. Discuss
We ask you what you want. You can be as vague as "website" or as specific as what language and code style to follow.
You will be given some drafts and ideas absolutely free of charge.
03. Develop
After taking your project, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager who you can regularly speak with for updates.
You can also login or register here to check the progress of your project.
03. Result
Congratulations! Your project is complete and your idea has officially been realised.
Once your project is done, we will give you plenty of time to let us know of any issues we need to fix.
You can learn more about the support we offer for software here.

Ready to start?

Remember, we are always happy to chat and give you some drafts/ideas completely free of charge.
We are truly as passionate about software as we say!